Strozzapreti-Stretched out Dumplings

Typically this pasta or dumpling is not really a type of gnocchi, but more like a stretched out form of hand rolled pasta, kind of like cavatelli. What I like about strozzapreti is that like gnocchi, you don’t need any special kitchen gadgets to make strozzapreti. I have seen other versions of this dish, which look more like Gnocchi Del Casentino. I think it is pretty neat that strozzapreti means priest choker in Italian. There are several legends that explain how this dumpling got it name.

English: Strozzapreti pasta

Dry strozzapreti

Tip: If you have never made handmade pasta before, put most of the flour into a large mixing bowl, but not all of the flour (you can add the rest of flour if you need it) and then continue on with the recipe. It can be a little intimating mixing the ingredients on a solid work surface if you have never done this before.

1-¼ cups flour
1 egg ¼ teaspoon

Put the flour on a solid work surface and make a well in the center of the flour.
Add the egg and salt into the center of the flour. Using your hands slowly mix the flour into the center and knead until the mixture becomes smooth and even, but not sticky.
Dust the work surface with a little flour.
Divide the dough into thirds.
With a rolling-pin, roll each section of the dough into a thin sheet.
Cut the dough into 1″ wide strips that are about 3-4″ long.
Wrap each strip around a skewer and squeeze the dough around the skewer to make irregular shape tubes.

strozzapreti romagnoli


Cook in a large pot of boiling salted water until the strozzapreti float to the surface of the water. Strozzapreti should be tender and slightly chewy when done.
Serve with tomato ragu or your favorite tomato sauce.
I hope you enjoy this Italian recipe for Strozzapreti.

Con tanto amore



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